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Caribou by Colin Hunt
Colin's Maribou

Simplex by Maurice Sparks
Spark's Simplex
Evening Star by Bob Tyler

LMS Red Black 5 BobTyler

Gazelle by Alan Bray

Bob Tyler's Butch

Minnie restored by C Hunt

Robroy by Geoff Hammond

William by Geoff Hammond
Betty by Geoff Hammond

Shand Mason Fire Engine

Cerva Steam Tug in Tate and Lyle Colours.

Foden Steam Wagon by
M Sparkes.
Itom Mk3 Aero engine by Geoff Hammond.
Norwich Trawler by Geoff Hammond
RC Aeroplane of Geoff Hammonds own design.
SE5A Biplane By Geoff Hammond.
Sopwith Pup By Geoff Hammond.
Steam Drifter by Colin Shipton.
Vosper MTB 1940-1945 by Colin Shipton.
Cessna Sky Lane by Geoff Hammond.
Piper Cherokee by Geoff Hammond.
Bodmer's Sliding Cylinder Engine by Rusty Titford
Bluebird by the late Dave Moir

Alchin Traction Engine

Firefly GWR Locomotive

Kienzty's Oscillating Engine c.1850 by Rusty Titford

Jas Booth's Rectilinear Engine by Rusty Titford

Horse Drawn Bus c.1886 by Rusty Titford

Heisler Loco

Mac Onies Angular Oscillating Engine 1854 by Rusty Titford.
Waller Table Engine c.1880 by Rusty Titford

BR Class 2 Locomotive

Giant Walking Dragline by Allen Berman

Giant Block Setting Crane by Allen Berman
1905 Rolls Royce byAllen Berman
Strip bending machine by Allen Berman
Steam Shovel by Allen Berman
Pontoon crane by Allen Berman
Boulton and Watt Bellcrank Engine Rusty Titford
Scott Vacuum Engine by Colin Hunt    



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